10 Painted Stair Ideas

10 Painted Stair Ideas

Renovating your home allows for imagination and creativity. There are so many different design choices you can make such as colours of walls, floors, furniture, and other components. For some, a staircase is a major focal point in a home. With so many different design choices, transforming the stairs into a centerpiece in the home can make a bold statement. It can tie a room together and add a real design element to your interior.

Platinum Pro Painters offers stairway, railing and banister painting services. Here are 10 ideas for painting your stairs:


1. Solid Colours

Starting with the basics, painting the stairs a solid colour can change the feeling of the room. You could match it to the rest of the room, copying the colour of the floors. You could also create a different look with a bolder, outstanding colour. Something you could do to add a pop of colour to the room is create a contrasting look, otherwise a brighter, darker, lighter, or faded shade will do the trick. Any colour of the rainbow is at your disposal, so let your creativity flow even with a more simplistic design.


2. Pantone Stairs

This design can be interesting, having one colour gradually get darker or lighter as it travels up and down. It’s a feature that uses one colour code and builds off of it, moving up or down a shade. Painting stairs this way adds a fun pop of colour to the room, and a different look that’s unique to your home. This method can be used with black and white, or any colour you choose to give an individualized look to the space.


3. Only painting the risers

Painting the risers portion the stairs a different colour from the rest can add character. Alternating the colour scheme can add depth to the staircase. Painting stairs in such a way will make the risers pop, and give a fresh look to the room. This method can also help create the floating staircase look with your colour scheme.

4. Staining

If your stairs and railing are wood, and you are looking for a change, staining may be the way to go. Staining the stairs, or just the risers, will give the piece a new finish. Staining can add a modern look, or if you want a different vibe, certain stains can create a more distressed or rustic feel. Not only that, but it’s much cheaper to stain the stairs and railing than it is to replace it entirely. It can be a great way to save money and get the traditional look you desire.


5. Painting the stairs with words

If you have children in your household or are looking to create a family-friendly space, a personal touch will make a home feel more like yours. Adding different pieces in a home to give it originality can really make a space feel homier. Not only that, but it can give it a welcoming feeling, and show others personal features that belong to your family. Adding something like words or phrases along the staircase can add to this feeling. Put something specific to your family, inspirational quotes, or a quote about home, for instance. This idea can give the stairs a personal stamp.

6. Don’t forget the bannister!

Painting the stairs themselves is a big project but adding a colour to the bannister can drastically change the look. If the bannister is wooden, giving it a similar finish to the rest of the staircase can create uniformity. You can paint bannister a completely different colour for a contrasting look. A pop of colour will make the staircase, and the bannister, stand out against the room. The bannister frames the staircase, so the task of doing something different with it can change how the stairs can look.

7. Adding designs

Putting a design on the staircase will create a unique look while adding character to this pivotal feature of any home. Your options are limitless. With so many different designs to choose from, you’ll find something truly unique and help the staircase to stand out. It can be something as simple as a square or diamond pattern or stripes. If you want a more complex pattern, you could do flowers, gratings, or other designs that will tie your space together. Painting stairs using a stencil can be one way to add designs, but it can go further than that. Painting over a stencil can create cool new patterns for your stairs, and give you a zanier look. Choose something you love, and let your creativity run wild!


8. Wallpaper stairs

A common misconception is that wallpaper is a strictly wall-based product. Wallpaper is making a comeback in home design, so don’t be afraid to explore this option. It can be used to add a pop of colour to a space, character, or a personal touch. Putting wallpaper on the stair risers, and painting stairs, can add real texture to the staircase. Once you’ve chosen a wallpaper, you could paint on top of it, or keep it the way it is. Either way, it will add a pattern, and give the space a new look. Having a hard time visualizing it? Check out these wallpaper on stairs ideas.


9. A distressed look

When painting your staircase, you don’t have to limit yourself to clean lines and perfection. Giving your stairs a more rustic and dated look can make a room feel more farmhouse or cottage-like. This can be done in a few ways, including stair finishing with chalk paint or using different sanding techniques. If a vintage or rustic look is what you’re striving for, making a staircase go with the rest of the space is easier than you may think.  


10. Painting stairs with a runner

No runner for the stairs? No problem! Painting a runner-looking pattern on the stairs will create a sophisticated illusion for a fraction of the cost. It can be done with a single border colour from the rest of the stairs, or multiple, depending on your style.


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