7 Important Questions to Ask Indoor Painters in Milton Before Hiring

Are you looking for indoor painters for your Milton home

You want to make sure you are hiring a reputable company with skilled employees who will deliver quality service and outstanding customer experience.

Here are 7 important questions to ask before hiring a painting company. 

How Long Has Your Company Been In Business?

Typically, the longer the company has been in business, the less likely they are to be a fly-by-night company that will leave you in a bind. 

A company that has been around for more than 5 years will also have references and testimonials from previous customers they can provide so you can get a feel for the professionalism of the company and the quality of their work. 

Are Your Painters Contractors or Employees?

This is an important question because there can be a marked difference in training, insurance, coverage, and so on between employees and contractors. 

Employees are trained by the company to ensure a standard of quality while contractors are brought on with the expectation that they can perform the job immediately. 

Employees are covered by the company’s insurance while contractors may or may not have insurance. 

Generally speaking, employees may have more motivation to provide a certain level of quality when working on your project. 

Are You Insured?

Professional interior painters will carry liability insurance to protect them, and you, in case of an unfortunate accident. 

Not only does carrying insurance show the company is professional, but it also shows their level of responsibility and care for their customers. 

You can always ask for proof of insurance if you have any doubt the company is covered. 

What Brand of Paint Do You Recommend?

Always ask what brand of paint the company recommends and why. 

This will give you an idea if the company is choosing their paint based on low cost or quality. 

Look for companies that use the highest-quality, professional paint brands that are known for a long-lasting finish.

What is Your Painting Procedure?

A painting contractor will have an established, step-by-step painting procedure to ensure a certain level of quality for all of their painting jobs. 

Some of the areas the painting procedure should cover are:

  • Preparation
  • Timeline
  • Clean-Up
  • Inspection

Do You Offer a Warranty?

Warranties are not only important, but they are also standard for painting services because it is a guarantee of the company’s work. 

You’ll want to ask the for the specifics of the warranty: 

  • What does the warranty include?
  • What does the warranty exclude?
  • How long is the warranty good for?
  • What voids the warranty?

When looking for reputable Milton painters, make sure to ask this important question.

Can You Estimate the Total Cost for this Project?

Finally, you want to make sure you are getting a complete estimate for the project. 

Painters in Milton should be able to provide you with a list of all the fees for the project so you are not surprised with additional fees after the project has started.

Final Thoughts on Questions to Ask Indoor Painters

Finding the right indoor painters is as simple as asking the right questions. 

By making sure the company is established, insured, hires employees, offers a warranty, has a painting procedure and will give an estimated for the job, you will be well on your way to hiring the right company for your project.

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