A good quality paint can transform your cabinets

Paint is a cost-effective way to transform a room, but not all paints are created equal. Buying the best quality paint that you can afford might cost you a bit extra in the beginning but it will save you time and money in the long run.

Understanding Paint
Paint is a mixture of pigment, resin, and a carrier. The pigment gives the paint its color, the resin makes the paint adhere to a surface and the carrier is added to thin the mixture so that it can be brushed or rolled onto a surface. Titanium dioxide is the primary white pigment found in paint and a small amount of other pigments are added to tint the paint the desired color. Water is the carrier for latex paints and a solvent, like a linseed or soybean oil is used in oil/alkyd paints. The quality of each ingredient determines a paint’s price, quality, and performance.

Paint Luster
The ratio of pigment, resin, and carrier determines a paint’s luster.  Paint with less pigment and more resin is glossier than the other way around and the glossier the finish, the more durable and washable the paint tends to be.

One-Coat Coverage
Good paint provides good coverage. A paint that can cover in one coat, even at a premium price, is often worth the additional cost. And it won’t necessarily break your budget because what you spend on the paint you can recoup on labor. The determining factor for coverage is the level of titanium dioxide in the formula. The more titanium dioxide the better the overage, but this is also what makes it more expensive.

Scrubbable Paint Ratings
All interior paints have a scrubbability rating. This is established through standardized testing and is a good indication of a paints durability. This rating may not be printed on the can, but a reputable cabinet painter should have the information on hand.

Before you buy paint to transform your cabinets or embark on a kitchen makeover in your Oakville home, it is best to consult a cabinet painters in Oakville for advice.



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