How Much Does A Kitchen Renovation Cost In Oakville?

Oakville kitchen renovations have a significant return on investment, especially when compared to other home renovations. So, not only will a kitchen renovation bring up the value of your home, but it will boost your lifestyle too. But, how much does a kitchen renovation cost in Oakville? The cost of any kitchen renovation depends on […]

Cost to refinish your staircase

Staircases are often a focal point in the home. Unfortunately, they also withstand a lot of foot traffic, which can cause wear and tear over time. Refinishing your worn-out stairs will improve aesthetics and help your home maintain its value. When you hire stair painters to refinish your staircase, you can change the look of […]

How much does a kitchen renovation cost in Toronto?

Kitchen renovations in Toronto have an undeniably great return on investment and excellent lifestyle improvement. Before benefiting from those values, though, there is the matter of the renovation cost. Different factors like what finishes you choose, whether you are planning cabinet refacing and refinishing in Toronto, or adding square footage all play a role.   Facing a significant, […]

Cabinets – Should we reface, replace, or paint?

If you’re thinking about renovating the kitchen, the first place to start is by considering the kitchen cabinets. The cabinets will play a significant role in the look and function of the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets can also be the most significant expense in your renovation budget. When it comes to upgrading cabinets, you have three […]

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

  Often, the reason to revamp cabinets is to change their appearance in some way. That may mean replacing them, using paint, or refacing with new doors and panels while keeping the structure. It’s a much more cost-effective and less invasive process than tearing out good cabinets for a kitchen renovation.  Read on to learn […]

How much does it cost to paint kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinet painting is quickly becoming a popular way to tackle kitchen renovations without the full cabinet replacement cost. A new coat of paint goes a long way to update and transform your kitchen’s look. While a cost-effective option, cabinet painting isn’t as simple as adding new paint. There are a few factors involved, including […]

Your Guide to Painting the Perfect Accent Wall

Real estate agents everywhere are quick to tell you that one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your home is to add some fresh paint to the interior.  Even if you’re not looking to sell, changing up the color scheme of your home according to color psychology can brighten your mood and leave you feeling […]

Mastering Neutral Tones in 5 Easy Steps

In 2020, the paint colors that can increase your home’s value by up to $6,000 are black, charcoal, taupe, and other neutral tones.  Neutral tones are incredibly popular because they make interior design more fluid, stylish, and cohesive.  If you’re ready to go neutral, the first thing you’ll want to do is work with a top-notch professional Milton […]

7 Benefits of Hiring Cabinet Painters

Painting your cabinets is a great way to refresh your kitchen without breaking the bank. As with any other remodel, giving your cabinets a makeover will also increase the value of your home.  While many homeowners may consider a paint job something to DIY, you might want to give it a second thought. While painting your kitchen cabinets […]

5 Tips for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen renovations are expensive. New cabinets alone can run anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000. Luckily you can refresh an outdated space for just a fraction of the price. Painting your cabinets is an easy job that won’t break the bank. Hoping to tackle a paint job soon? We’ve got five tips for painting cabinets from Toronto […]