How much does it cost to paint kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinet painting is quickly becoming a popular way to tackle kitchen renovations without the full cabinet replacement cost. A new coat of paint goes a long way to update and transform your kitchen’s look. While a cost-effective option, cabinet painting isn’t as simple as adding new paint. There are a few factors involved, including the overall cost to paint kitchen cabinets.

When it comes time to painting cabinets, look for a professional to help handle the job. Platinum Pro Painters provides quality-ensured cabinet painting services. Their professionals can help tackle any painting with ease. Here is more about what things to consider with cabinet painting, the benefits, and the cost breakdown:

Benefits of painting

Tackling kitchen cabinets can be done in a few different ways, but painting has many benefits. Paint alone can help brighten a space, making it feel larger than it is. Cabinet refinishing can help bring new life into old-looking cabinets by giving them a modern update.  As far as renovations go as well, painting is a quick and easy project with minimal interruption. You won’t have to give up the use of your kitchen for weeks or months to enjoy a transformed space. The most significant benefit for most homeowners is that cabinet refinishing costs a fraction of the price compared to a cabinet replacement.

Things to consider when cabinet painting

Beyond just picking a new colour, there are a few other factors to consider and keep in mind with kitchen cabinets. For example, the type of cabinet material will affect what paint can or should be applied. 

Higher or lower quality paints will also play a role in the overall kitchen cabinet painting cost. Choosing the right type of paint for your specific project is something kitchen cabinet refinishing Milton professionals can help you decide.

The right finish

Paint finishes, especially in kitchens, play more of a role than just for appearances. Different finishes can help enhance both the visual appeal of the cabinets and their practical functionality. Wood cabinets, for example, need to be cleaned and sanded before applying any paint or stains. That helps both the final appearance but also ensures the primer and paints bond to the cabinets. Stains can draw out the wood’s natural appeal, or seal it with a lacquer coat for a sleek appearance. The right finish also refers to a semi-gloss or gloss finish, which is typically the recommended choices in kitchens.

Semi-gloss: has more sheen, so light tends to “bounce” off the surface more readily. This brightness creates a sense of spaciousness that is ideal for any kitchen. It is also suitable for rooms with moisture or grease, such as kitchens, as the paint can easily be cleaned. 

Gloss: A gloss finish is often used on kitchen cabinets. This finish more readily brings light into a room since it is even more reflective, making it ideal for smaller kitchens. It is considered shinier than semi-gloss. White kitchen cabinets pair especially well with a gloss finish and it makes cabinets easier to wipe down. 

Matte or flat: Matte or flat finishes are not as well suited to kitchens. With matte finishes, it can be harder to clean off any greasy marks or fingerprints, as the finish tends to hold onto dirt more readily. If you like the matte finish look, be prepared to use a little more elbow grease when cleaning your cabinets.

Picking the right colour

Colour, naturally, plays a key role in the final finish of your cabinets. Picking the right colour will mostly come down to your goals for your kitchen renovation. Is it to update a dated space? Add some brightness and colour to the room?

Finding inspiration online is a great way to get started, but so is bringing in paint samples. The way paint looks in your kitchen may be different depending on the lighting and natural sunlight. Factor in the size of your kitchen as well, since smaller kitchens may feel cramped with dark colours. Lighter paints can help make a room feel bigger, while dark shades in a large kitchen can add some coziness back into the space.

Another idea is to decide if you want one colour for all the cabinets or a two-toned blend. Two-toned kitchens have become a recent trend in kitchen cabinet painting. It provides plenty of unique visual appeal and can be customized with any number of combinations. Light paint on top and dark on the bottom is the classic choice, but the reverse is also used in some kitchen designs.  If you’re kitchen cabinet painting Toronto, Platinum Pro Painters can provide a colour consultation for your project.

cost to paint kitchen cabinets

DIY or pro

Painting has a different process than replacing or refacing but will follow roughly the same steps whether you DIY or hire a professional. Keep in mind that you get a few extra steps and care with a professional that you may not do as DIY. A DIY cabinet paint job will obviously cost less than a professional job, but is it worth it?

First, the cabinets and hardware are removed, and the room is protected with a drop cloth or plastic sheet. The cabinets are then primed and sanded to remove any debris or imperfections that would affect the final appearance. Once done, the paint coat can be applied, typically with 2-3 coats. After the paint has thoroughly dried, the final step is to reinstall the cabinets and enjoy your transformed kitchen.

Professional benefits

Professionals like cabinet painters Oakville, can save you time and stress. It also guarantees the quality of the finished look that DIY work can’t always achieve. With years of experience and skill, a professional can quickly handle the work and avoid costly mistakes and repairs. They also provide extra steps like thorough cabinet cleaning or multiple layers of sanding and priming to ensure a smooth finish. Their professional-grade equipment also guarantees a flawless final finish and is only achieved with a professional’s eye for detail.

DIY cost to paint kitchen cabinets

If you do DIY paint your kitchen cabinets, expect the costs to vary much more. While you save money on the cost of labour, the price for materials, tools, and paint all need to be purchased. It’s also more labour intensive, as removing and reinstalling drawers, doors, and accessories will need to be done yourself before and after painting. Because kitchen sizes, paint brands, and required equipment vary, there is no exact cost for DIY work. Instead, the best way to get a range is to measure your own cabinets and use a paint calculator for an accurate estimate on the supplies.

Cost calculation

Typically, you will need a sprayer, brush, sandpaper or scraper, masking tape, and a drop cloth to protect against drips. Both paint and a proper primer will also need to be purchased. At a minimum, two layers of both paint and primer should be applied to your cabinets. For that reason, any calculations made should be doubled to account for the layers. A good rule of thumb for painting is that one gallon of paint will typically cover 350 square feet. 

Start by measuring the doors and drawers on your cabinets and add up the total based on the number of cabinets you own. For end cabinets, make sure to measure the side panels and any other exposed areas you plan to paint. Once you know all the cabinets’ measurements, use an online paint calculator to estimate how many gallons of paint you’ll need. Don’t forget to double the amounts to accommodate two layers of paint. If this seems like too much work, hire a pro.

Professional kitchen cabinet painting cost

Professional painting costs are broken down into the number of doors and drawers in the kitchen. This price will range based on the size of the kitchen and how many cabinets you own. These prices are all from Platinum Pro Painters pricing package.

Price for kitchen cabinets:

  • 10-20 doors and drawers:$3,000 – $3,500
  • 20-30 doors and drawers:$3,000 – $4,000
  • *30-40 doors and drawers:$4,000 – $5,000
  • 40-50 doors and drawers:$5,000 – $6,000
  • 50-60 doors and drawers:$6,000 – $7,000
  • 60-70 door and drawers: $7,000 – $8000


*Platinum Pro Painters offers free colour consultations with their pricing from 30-70 doors and drawers.


What’s included in the cost?

  • Door and Drawer Dismantle
  • All Doors Numbered and Labelled for accurate installation
  • All Doors, Drawers and Kitchen Structure will Receive a Full Chemical Wash
  • All Doors, Drawers and Kitchen Structure will be Sanded Multiple Before and After Prime Application
  • Same Spray Equipment used on site as in our spray booth facility for consistent spray finish
  • All Doors and Drawers will be Upgraded to New Sound Deadening Pads Free of Charge
  • All Doors, Drawers and Kitchen Structure will Receive 2 Prime and 2 Lacquer Finish Coatings (At the Bare Minimum)
  • Onsite Spray Booth Installation
  • Onsite Filtration System Set Up to create Negative Air Pressure and Clean the Air
  • Door and Drawer Installation
  • Touch Up Lacquer Bottle for Homeowner use
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Kitchen Clean Up

As with Platinum Pro Painters, the cost for a professional also includes extra care and steps. These include dismantling and reinstalling the doors and drawers, a full chemical wash, and sanding before and after priming to ensure a smooth finish. An onsite filtration system ensures your home air isn’t polluted during the work. The cabinets will be painted using professional spray paint equipment. Once the work is finished, full kitchen clean-up and a 5-year warranty is also provided. 

Professional painting is long-lasting, beneficial, and offers absolute peace of mind. Whether you plan to sell or stay in your home, having a professional handle the work is always a worthwhile investment. You can rest assured that your cabinets will last for years and not fade or wear out prematurely. If you have any doubts about the best paint colours or finishes, then a professional can just as readily offer advice or colour consultations. 

List of Upgrades:

  • New Glass Swap out
  • 2 Tone Finish
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Drill New Holes for New Hardware
  • Fill Previous Holes for Allow for new Hole Structure
  • Furniture Refinishing

 Ready to transform your kitchen cabinets through quality painting work? 

Then don’t tackle it alone; contact Platinum Pro Painters for the best painting services. 




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