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Having your kitchen in Oakville refaced by switching out the cabinet doors on your kitchen cabinets won’t only impress the guests, but also give an extraordinary look to the kitchen itself.

Trust Your Kitchen To The Experts

Platinum Pro Painters is a trustworthy name in this business. Here in Oakville, our highly trained and expert staff is always ready to deliver quick and effective cabinets painting & refinishing services without disturbing your original kitchen setting. Whatever your painting needs are, Platinum Pro Painters is here always ready to provide you exactly what you are looking for. Some features our service contains are as follows:

  • Fully experienced and trained Staff
  • More than 60 years of experience in this industry
  • Thousands of satisfied clients across the city
  • Budget friendly and affordable service
  • Featured on HGTV
  • FREE consultation!

Affordable Kitchen Remodeling

Why to go far when you have the most outstanding service in your area? While currently serving Oakville and several other areas, and as the number of clients keeps increasing, we’re also looking forward to expand our business to other areas. With our growing popularity and trust, our service is going more efficient day by day. Not only we care for timeliness and quality of work, but we also pay close attention of what the client’s pocket deserves. We tried hard to make our service affordable for every of person. Kitchen remodeling in Oakville has never been so easy and affordable as by getting your kitchen cabinets painted or refinished with Platinum Pro Painters.

Cabinet Procedure

Preparation: Cabinets will go through an intense preparation process to ensure the final product is up to company standards. We will begin with a chemical wash (unless otherwise specified) to remove any contaminants. Cabinets will then go through a vigorous sanding process to ensure that they are perfectly smooth. This will be followed by a light wash to remove any debris from sanding using a micro fibre cloth. Painting Procedure: 2 coats of White Pigment Shellac Bonding will be applied. After drying for a few hours, cabinets will be sanded using a lighter sand paper to remove any raised grain or debris and again followed by another micro fibre cleaning. Finally, a lacquer coat will be applied 2-3 times to ensure proper and even coverage. Upon completion, cabinets are secured in a durable foam wrap, delivered free of charge and reinstalled as per contractual agreement. On-site Preparation: Final step will be the on-site painting for the bones of the cabinets. (Shelves not included and not professionally recommended). We will start with securing the entire kitchen with paper and plastic. All exposed areas will be 100% secure from over-spray. On-site Painting Procedure: A light coat of bonding primer will be applied, after drying for a few hours, cabinet bones will be sanded using a lighter sand paper to remove any raised grain or debris and again followed by another micro fibre cleaning. Finally, a lacquer coat will be applied 3-4 times to ensure proper and even coverage. Upon completion, cabinet doors will be reinstalled and hardware will be put on. Finally, all plastic and prep materials will be disposed of and a proper cleaning will be completed. Enjoy your newly transformed kitchen!

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing In Oakville

Are you considering replacing your kitchen cabinets? At Platinum Pro Painter , we have over 60 years of experience providing kitchen cabinets services to homeowners in Oakville, ON. A well-made, designer-painted kitchen will last decades, and can look good for every one of those years, if maintained.

We have the products and the experience to repaint your kitchen cabinets and maintain its quality for years, without the need of buying new kitchen cabinets. You could save yourself thousands of dollars by renewing your kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat of paint and change the whole style of your kitchen.

Replacing your kitchen cabinets is an incredibly expensive choice. Choosing to paint your kitchen cabinets is a step towards increasing the value of your home without the expensive renovation. Not only will they look gorgeous, but that built up grime and grease will become a thing of the past.

Oakville’s Professional Cabinets Painters

Painting your kitchen cabinets can be a tedious endeavor. Making sure they look perfect is a difficult task to undertake on your own. Call Platinum Pro Painters and let them take care of your kitchen cabinet painting needs for you. Experienced painters are ready to get started beautifying your kitchen.

Save yourself the stress and leave it to the professionals of Platinum Pro Painter . Stunning looking kitchen cabinets are a phone call away. Our experts know the right kinds of paint that will create the best finish on your kitchen cabinets, so don’t hesitate to ask for assistance

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Trust is what matters the most in a relation between client and service provider. We also offer FREE quotes and FREE consultation with a professional designer so that you get fully satisfied about our services. Any idea you have in mind, or any type of information you need regarding our service, feel free to ask us, it will be a pleasure for us to serve you with our full potential. Contact us now or give us a call at 1-647-905-5901

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