Cabinets – Should we reface, replace, or paint?

If you’re thinking about renovating the kitchen, the first place to start is by considering the kitchen cabinets. The cabinets will play a significant role in the look and function of the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets can also be the most significant expense in your renovation budget.

When it comes to upgrading cabinets, you have three options: reface, replace, or paint. Platinum Pro Painters specializes in cabinet refacing & cabinet refinishing, also called cabinet painting. We will explain the details of all those options. In some cases, old cabinets cannot be restored and will require a replacement. Deciding if your cabinets are suitable for refinishing is something we can help determine when we come to check out your kitchen.


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Cabinet refacing

Cabinet refacing is when you keep your original cabinet boxes but replace all the doors and drawer fronts. Then a matching veneer is put onto exposed panels and cabinet fronts. Sometimes, the exposed panels and face frames can be painted or stained instead of using a veneer, depending on their condition and personal preference.

Cabinet refacing allows you to change your cabinet doors’ style, which is not something you can do with cabinet refinishing. In most projects, the hardware is also replaced to complete the look. Homeowners can find a wide selection of door styles and colours. You can also decide to add a few new cabinets and combine cabinet refacing with a partial replacement. Combining both allows you to customize your current cabinets to your taste and kitchen design.

Cabinet refacing is cost-effective and less expensive than a full cabinet replacement. Expect to save around 30% to 50% on the cost of replacing your cabinets. If you are happy with your kitchen layout and your cabinet boxes are in good shape, refacing is a good option.

DIY or hire a pro?

Always hire an experienced company to take care of cabinet refacing for you, so you get the most out of your investment. If you need to install veneer panels, it takes expertise to ensure it’s measured, cut, and installed correctly. A professional cabinet refacing company can complete this project in a fraction of the time it would take a DIYer. Plus, they can guarantee perfect results.

Cabinet replacement

Unfortunately, sometimes old cabinets are not in good enough shape for cabinet refinishing or cabinet refacing. If the cabinets are in bad condition, warped, or have suffered water or structural damage, replacing is the best option. Spending money on refinishing or refacing would be wasted as the cabinets would soon deteriorate.

Replacing your kitchen cabinets is your best option if you plan to change your kitchen layout completely. Or, if you’ve found that your current cabinets are no longer meeting your needs, you might consider replacing them.

A full cabinet replacement is the most expensive option by far. The price will depend on the size of your kitchen and the type of cabinets you choose. For stock cabinetry, you can pay $10,000 to $20,000 for a standard kitchen. For larger kitchens or custom cabinetry, that range can go up to $100,000 or more. A cabinet company can give you the most accurate estimate for your specific kitchen renovation.  

DIY or hire a pro?

For cabinet replacing, it’s usually the best idea to hire a professional installer. Those with construction or renovation experience and skills could install stock cabinets if they’re confident in their ability and have the time. For most kitchen renovations, professional installation will ensure it’s done correctly and to last. A seasoned professional can also do the installation in far less time than a DIYer. Save yourself the headache and protect your investment by having cabinets installed by a reputable company.  

Cabinet refinishing

Cabinet refinishing is when you remove all the cabinet doors and drawer fronts and have them repainted or stained. The side panels and cabinet fronts are also refinished to match. Cabinet refinishing has become increasingly popular in kitchen renovations, and for many good reasons.

The first being how affordable cabinet refinishing is when comparing to other options. You can completely change your kitchen’s look and feel while saving up to 70% compared to a cabinet replacement. Cabinet refinishing also takes a fraction of the time. That means less disruption to your kitchen and home.

Like cabinet refacing, refinishing is only an option if your cabinets are in good shape. Replace the cabinets if they are heavily damaged. If you want to change your current kitchen layout, then a full or partial cabinet replacement would also be required. You can refinish cabinets with a Thermofoil or similar coating, the thermofoil just need to be removed prior to painting.

The process of Cabinet refinishing + Cabinet refacing together

First, you will need to select a cabinet door style. Next Platinum Pro will prepare your kitchen for the job. Kitchen preparation includes covering exposed areas with paper and plastic to ensure no paint goes where it shouldn’t go. Then, the cabinet boxes will be cleaned thoroughly before getting a light coat of bonding primer. Once dry, it will be sanded gently to remove the raised grain or debris. Then it gets cleaned with a microfibre cloth before a lacquer coat goes on.

Your cabinet doors and drawer fronts will be taken to a specialized spray booth and facility for prep and painting. The cabinet doors will get a chemical wash to remove any contaminants. Then they go through a vigorous sanding process, so they’re perfectly smooth. A microfibre cloth is used to give them a light wash to make sure all debris is free from the surface.

Finally, two coats of White Pigment Shellac Bonding is applied to the surface. Like the boxes, the doors and drawer fronts will get light sanding and microfibre cleaning until the paint goes on. Finally, a lacquer coat goes on to complete the job. Often two or three coats are required for both the cabinet boxes and doors.

Once everything is dry, the cabinet doors are brought back to the home for installation. Soft close hinges and drawer rails are installed, as well as the new knobs and drawer pulls of your choice.  

DIY or hire a pro?

You should always hire a professional for your cabinet refinishing project. While painting cabinets might seem like a simple DIY project, it is less convenient and more complicated than you might think. Without the right preparation, equipment, and expertise, you could end up with amateur results. A professional like Platinum Pro Painters uses a state-of-the-art spray booth and facility to complete cabinet refinishing projects. This type of facility is not something a DIYer can typically access. 

A DIY cabinet refinishing job is also very time-consuming. If you cut corners, it will show up in the results. Your kitchen could be taken apart for weeks while you work on the cabinets.

Choosing the right type of paint and primer is also essential. Using the wrong kind of paint or lacquer could result in it peeling or even warping the wood. Platinum Pro Painters will use the correct type of primer and paint, ensuring your new kitchen is modern and in the colour of your choosing. They’ll also ensure all surfaces are prepared and cleaned properly, so you have flawless results.

Hire a cabinet refinishing & refacing company you can trust!

Platinum Pro is a company that offers professional cabinet refacing & refinishing services.  If you’re looking to modernize your kitchen, give us a call. We’re looking forward to learning about your project and giving you a kitchen upgrade you’re going to love.

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