Choosing the Right Closet Paint Color

Your closet paint color has a surprisingly large impact on the overall feel of your bedroom! 

Did you know that a walk-in closet is one of the most desirable home features? If you’re lucky enough to have one, you may be wondering which paint colors are best for this storage space. Even though few people except for you and your loved ones are going to see it, you still want this part of your home to have a pleasing aesthetic.

Believe it or not, your closet paint color can affect the overall feel of your bedroom. Read on to learn which color choices are best.

You Can’t Miss With Neutrals

Any kind of light neutral paint color—whether it’s white, off-white, gray, or tan—works well for an interior closet shade. That’s because light reflects better off these shades and will help you see your items more clearly. You’ll also find it easier to coordinate colors when choosing an outfit from your closet.

You can also give the space a hint of color by painting the closet a pastel shade such as mint green, lavender, robin’s egg blue, or pale yellow.

Neutral colors also match any kind of bedroom scheme. Picking a neutral paint color for your closet doors and the interior shouldn’t clash with your bedroom color, no matter what it may be.

Add a Pop of Color

Of course, we can’t blame you if you want a vibrant hue in your closet to add a little color to your life. You can have some fun with this and choose a color that reflects your personal style. Some good choices include hot pink, a jewel-toned green, or an energetic orange.

Keep in mind that lighter paint colors will help your closet feel larger, while darker colors tend to recede walls visually (and can make it tougher for you to see your closet’s contents.) If you go this route, you may need to adjust the lighting. Add a mirror and a seat to play up your closet’s boutique-like atmosphere.

Paint Your Way to Better Sleep

Believe it or not, numerous studies have found that there’s a connection between color and emotion. Certain colors have the ability to relax us and help us fall asleep faster, while others may keep us awake. This means there are shades you may want to paint on your closet doors and in your bedroom in general if you need help falling asleep.

These include neutral and pale tones. Blue is one of the best colors for sleep, as it has been found to decrease heart rate and blood pressure for a calming effect. Light green and yellow can also work for your closet doors if they match the bedroom’s walls.

Avoid bright colors as these tend to have the opposite effect and may keep you awake longer.

Your Closet Paint Color Matters

Choosing a closet paint color doesn’t have to be difficult, and it can greatly enhance this part of your home. But if you’re still having a tough time deciding what color to paint your closet, contact Platinum Pro Milton Painters for some guidance. Request a free quote, and we’ll be happy to take on the job of transforming your closet with color.



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