Choosing the right color for your kitchen cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinets is fun, and it can transform your Toronto home from ordinary to exceptional. But it is also hard work and you’re not going to want to repeat the process over and over again. This means that your color choice is important and you need to take time to consider what works best for you.

Lilac Grey
There are many shades of grey and it is always a popular colour choice. Dove grey is one of the most classic paint colours that you can get, but if you’re looking for a modern twist, try lilac grey. The lilac undertone makes the grey tones warmer but it is still subtle enough that you won’t get tired of it quickly. 
Staying with the grey tones, pewter is a good alternative to all white kitchen cabinets. It is the perfect grey-beige that works anywhere in your home and offers a blank canvas that is great to work with. 
Hazelnut is a warm and inviting creamy shade that never seems to go out of style and will remain popular in 2019. It goes with almost anything and will brighten up dark, dull kitchen cabinets and make you home feel bigger.
Muted Pastels
Pastels in muted, chalky tones have a soothing appeal that makes them an ideal choice when painting the kitchen and bathroom cabinets of your Toronto home. These colors offer a warm backdrop for a minimalist design and you will not get tired of them quickly. If you are looking for a pop of color you can always add bright accessories.
Blue hues
Blue is always a popular colour choice. Charcoal blue, ice blue, grey-blue and powder blue are all good colours for kitchen cabinets. Blues are far from boring and ordinary, but, if applied correctly, they are subtle enough not to overpower your space.
Dark Greens
If you’re looking for something a little more dramatic, take a look at some dark green shades. But beware, this colour does not work well in small, dark spaces and should only be used in well-lit, large rooms. Before you go for such a bold choice, make sure it suits your tastes and lifestyle.

Choosing a new colour for the kitchen cabinets in your Toronto home is exciting, but before you start painting, visit your local paint expert for inspiration. Click to find kitchen cabinet refinishing Toronto.



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