Good News! Platinum Pro Painters have moved into the city of Grimsby. Our painters and contractors are enthusiastic and raring to go to begin the renovation process on your home and/or business in this up and coming area.

Grimsby is a lovely place to live with beautiful surroundings, lake properties and wonderful facilities. Keeping the charm and curb appeal is important to the residents of Grimsby. From the beginning of a small village atmosphere to the growing city today, the “small town feel” is prevalent in this area. If you’re out on a leisurely Sunday drive, you will notice the growth that has taken place and the beautiful homes that are popping up everywhere. This is the time to add to the charm and keep the momentum going.

Platinum Pro Painters have the most efficient, caring staff and contractors in the business. From exterior to interior, the quality of their work is second to none “simply because they care.” They will treat your home as if it were their own and you will not be disappointed.

The extras that we provide such as Crown Moulding, Ceiling Painting and Epoxy Flooring are among several to enhance the beauty of your home or office. We keep your budget in mind and will complete any job with the lowest possible cost to you.

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