Platinum Pro Painters is welcoming all Guelph Ontario residents to embark on a painting/decorating adventure that is known as the best of the best in the house painting business. This is the era of gorgeous homes and renovating projects as we are all taking pride in the beauty of our living spaces. Amazing finished basements, state of the art kitchens and master suites that belong on the cover of magazines are just a few of the features of the homes of today. You have come to the right interior painters to make this dream a reality.

Chalkboard painting, anti-graffiti coating and epoxy flooring are some of the specialties that only Platinum Pro Painters as experienced house painting contractors can and will complete for the Guelph neighbors at the lowest cost available to you. Beautiful crown moulding is the elegant finished touch to any room in your home. This trim flares out to finish the top edges of walls and ceilings to create architectural balance. Why not affordably improve your house in Guelph with crown moulding installed by the best residential painters around. While the crown moulding is being installed, don’t forget your ceiling. Nothing will ruin the look of a nice, professional paint job more than a dull, yellowed ceiling. Let us take care of the back-breaking task as it is what we do best!

Our trustworthy, talented interior painting experts will make a stressful endeavor seem like a breeze. No job is too big for Platinum Pro Painters. Get on the phone Guelph residents and let’s get started. Also, we invite you to browse through our state of the art website. You’ll love what you see.

We are the residential and business Painting Company that does it all in Guelph Ontario.

Ceiling Painting:

Looking for a ceiling painter in Guelph? Ceiling painters at Platinum Pro Painters have abundant experience and skill in painting ceilings of all styles and textures.

Over time the vibrant colours of your ceiling will become dull and faded, even more so than painted walls. Whether you’re a long time resident or recently moved to Guelph, take ceiling painting off your to do list with the help of painting professionals from Platinum Pro Painters.

Few people have time for painting ceilings, Guelph residents are no different. Platinum Pro Painters can paint any type of ceiling from flat to popcorn, corrugated to textured ceiling painting. Guelph and the GTA are full of beautiful homes, why stop painting once the walls are finished?

Crown Moulding:

Installing crown moulding is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to enhance the look and feeling of the rooms in your home.

Looking for professional crown moulding installers in Guelph? Look no further than Platinum Pro Painters. Choose the style you love, we prep, paint, and install crown moulding. Guelph’s Platinum Pro Painters are interior painting experts, but we’re also your professional crown moulding installers in Guelph.

Whether you have a large dining room in need of ambiance, or a nursery that needs a little softening, crown moulding is a wonderful addition to any room in the house. Crown moulding gracefully flares out, finishing the top edges of walls and cabinets creating architectural balance with smooth transitions between walls and ceilings. Affordably improve your home in Guelph with crown moulding installation from Platinum Pro.

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