House Painting Cost in Milton: How Much Should You Pay for Painting Services?

Want to know a quick trick to boost the value of your house? Did you know there’s one small and inexpensive thing you can do that can up your home’s value by up to $5,000?

The answer is simple: paint it! Yes, painting a room or even the entire exterior of your house can not only make it look nice but make it worth more, too.

While you can always do it yourself, why bother with the hassle? Hiring a pro makes it easier on you in so many ways.

What’s the average house painting cost in Milton? Let’s take a look at basic pricing for painting your house.

Exterior House Painting Cost Factors

There are different factors as play when considering how much it will cost to repaint either the exterior or the interior of your house.

For example, what is your exterior made of? Is it stucco, wood, concrete, metal, or something else? 

You’ll have to calculate the prep work on your home’s material and what kinds of conditions it’s in when gauging average cost. All of these things determine how much to repaint a house in your neighborhood.

Supplies and Access

The other things to consider when shopping around for painting prices. You know that square footage comes into play, but so does access to the painting surfaces.

Your painters might need scaffolding along with caulk, wall putty, and drop cloths. These products might cost you, but quality work is worth it.

Final Cost for Your Exterior

Here’s an idea of what an exterior paint job might cost you:

  • 250 square feet costs on average $400 to $900 to paint
  • Extra materials, like drop cloths and caulk, cost on average $200 to $300

Calculate the exterior square footage of your house to get a better picture of what it will cost. Add in other factors like extra prep work and labor costs, too.

Painting the Interior of Your Home

Your cost to paint the interior of a house will be lower for two reasons. Interior paint doesn’t need the same additives to stand up to exposure and the square footage is usually smaller.

The paint on your walls lasts about three years. A quick coat of paint is a great way to freshen up your home.

The cost of a gallon of paint for your interior can be between $20 to $45 on average. Don’t forget the cost of primer, either; it makes a big difference.

A gallon of paint covers roughly 350 square feet. Figure out your square footage, then divide it by 350 to get an idea of what you’ll pay.

Give Your Home a Makeover for Less

You can do it yourself and waste time and energy. You can hire a cheap painting company and get a less than stellar paint job.

Or you can hire a high-quality professional and get it right the first time. Spending a little extra on the house painting cost to make your home beautiful is worth every penny so don’t skimp where it’s important.

If you’re looking for a pro who knows how to give your house the makeover it deserves, request your free quote today from a Professional painter in Milton  



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