Home Interior Painting Color Trends

The years seem to just fly by. It’s hard for us at Platinum Pro Painters to believe that we’ve been painting homes as long as we have. With each season of each year comes new colour trends, and Platinum Pro Painters have seen so many come and go as quickly as the years have passed. Some have been able to sustain longer than others and some never quite catch on. So as the 2014 summer season is now upon us, there are some notable colour trends that seem to be taking their place at the forefront of interior home painting.

The colour trends that are most prevalent among paint companies in 2014 are those that are the most reflective of nature. The interpretation of nature has been varied, with painting companies infusing their own concepts of these elements—for example, ocean water ranging from mint green to pale blue and sand mixed as pinks, whites, yellows, and blues—with all being created to depict natural surroundings and transfer the emotions of nature into the home.

One of the specific colours that stands out has to be the greens, most notably with a jewel tint. The colour is made to represent energy and optimism and is best used in open spaces, like kitchens or family rooms.

Pastel yellow is another colour that has made its way to the forefront in 2014. It makes an impression in lit spaces, like bedrooms, while still remaining subtle. Similarly, filtered blues are becoming the new neutral tone for homeowners. Blue’s versatility is what is most intriguing, with the flexibility to be used in any room. The colour symbolizes the sky and, when utilized in homes, is reminiscent of a fresh breeze.

Other colours are certainly worth mentioning. Deep reds and shades of grey are among the most common this year, with reds being great as an accent for small spaces. Gentle pinks appear to be creeping into more and more homes as well.

Platinum Pro Painters is all for knowing what trends are most popular and who they are popular with, but we also know that each home has its own personality. Our advice to homeowners is to always do what works for you and your house; you know better than anyone what colours and designs will make you feel happy to walk into your home every day.

Platinum Pro Painters is here to paint your home in colours and styles that work well with the space. And although we are aware of all of the current trends, the only thing that matters to us are happy homeowners. Contact us today!


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