Kitchen Cabinets Painting in Hamilton

Significantly boost the appearance and value of your kitchen with the help from Platinum Pro Painters. We’ve worked with Hamilton homeowners for years, consistently delivering great results in whatever paint job we’re requested to do. We always inform our clients about how kitchen cabinets painting can give your kitchen a complete new look without having to pay for new ones. Contact Platinum Pro Painters now, the professional kitchen cabinetry refinishers of Hamilton!

No Need for Big Spending

We tend to think that a remodeling job always need to be expensive, but our team has brought a great solution for all homeowners near Oakville. Our kitchen cabinets painting and refinishing services will make your kitchen look great and completely different, and the best part of it is that you will save a lot of cash over buying new.

Our Kitchen Cabinets Painting Process:

Hamilton homeowners usually ask us about the cabinet painting process we follow. While each cabinet needs to be evaluated individually, the process generally would be done in these steps:

    • All cabinets are washed with a Chemical Solution to remove all grease or dirt build-up.
    • All doors, hardware and hinges are removed.
    • Surrounding fixtures, furniture or appliances are completely masked off. The floor is covered and the room is sealed with plastic to prevent dust or paint from spreading to the rest of the house. A Air Cleaner will also be installed to remove all dust contaminants in the air for a smooth professional finish.
    • Cabinets are thoroughly sanded and dusted. Dents and scratches are repaired.
    • Two primer coats of white pigment shellac bonding primer are applied, and they are sanded and dusted.
    • Two lacquer finishes are next, followed by more sanding and dusting.
    • An additional coat may be applied to doors and drawers, as these areas have more wear and tear.

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