How much does a kitchen renovation cost in Toronto?

Kitchen renovations in Toronto have an undeniably great return on investment and excellent lifestyle improvement. Before benefiting from those values, though, there is the matter of the renovation cost. Different factors like what finishes you choose, whether you are planning cabinet refacing and refinishing in Toronto, or adding square footage all play a role.  

Facing a significant, costly investment can feel daunting until you break down the work, so it doesn’t have to be. Don’t forget to rely on professionals like Platinum Pro Painters to help with some of the work. Otherwise, you can plan, and budget with ease with this handy Toronto kitchen renovations cost guide and breakdown. 

Renovation budget tips 

Always start by creating a budget for your kitchen renovation. Toronto homeowners will find that they can quickly fix over-budgeting as you learn what you want and need, but under-budgeting can’t be. Once you start buying materials, you want to be sure you aren’t overspending. 

To start, decide if you are renovating for yourself or if it’s to help boost a sale. The Appraisal Institute of Canada recommends spending upwards of 25% of your home’s cost if the renovation is for your own needs. However, if you plan to sell, cut it down to 10% or 15% for the right balance of value boost and savings. 

Once you have a rough range, remember to tailor those percentages to where you live. In Toronto, kitchen renovations range from general work costing $19,200+ to a luxury overhaul costing $60,000+.

The cost of living in Toronto is higher than in other cities, so you want to make sure that investment is the right one. Speak with a general contractor, interior designer, or even real estate agent for professional advice. 

On top of all that, always create a contingency budget. You never know when materials may be unavailable, or something goes wrong, and the cost changes. Having a backup budget will avoid any panic and stress of the unexpected by always being prepared. As a general rule, set aside an additional 10% as a safety net.

How much does a kitchen renovation cost in Toronto?

Next up is addressing the general breakdown of a kitchen renovation. Keep in mind that these are general across Canada, but materials in Toronto may cost differently depending on the company.

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, kitchen renovations in North America can are broken down as follows:


  • Cabinets and hardware:28% ($6,550)
  • *Installation:18% ($4,130)
  • Appliances and ventilation:15% ($3,390)
  • Countertops:11% ($2,450)


*Installation includes things like appliances, cabinets, countertops, sinks, flooring, or backsplash.

Other costs can include floors (7%), lighting (5%), painting and drywall (4%), and faucets and plumbing (3%).

Additional cost factors

No matter the home or kitchen, some common factors will always affect the final cost of a kitchen renovation. In Toronto, simply living there means higher prices for the services and labour involved. That doesn’t mean a renovation is out of the question. Still, careful budgeting and establishing what will add value and what can wait is extra essential.

The type of renovation

Before planning the details and design specifics, start with what kitchen renovations Toronto you have planned. Is this a general upgrade of appliances, paint, and fixtures? Is it a complete overhaul with new flooring, countertops, and cabinets? Or, are you considering cabinet refacing and refinishing in Toronto?

Maybe the goal is a luxury transformation to turn the space into a chef’s dream kitchen with top-of-the-line additions. Resurfacing renovations in Toronto, for example, can cost $22,800+. A standard, but still custom, renovation costs $26,400+, while a luxury renovation goes upwards of $60,000+. There’s no right or wrong answer, just as long as the renovation suits your goals and budget. 

Size of the room 

Size means both the current room you have to work with and any expansion plans. Small kitchens mean less labour in a simple renovation, but choosing high-end materials can quickly boost costs. 

Based on Canadian contractor estimates:

  • Small kitchen average cost (<75 square feet): $4,000 – $20,000
  • Medium kitchen average cost (150-175 square feet): $20,000 – $45,000
  • Large kitchen average cost (200+ square feet): $45,000 – $100,000

The scale of work 

The scale of work involved in a kitchen renovation is more than just the type of renovation. Every renovation will need labour, either DIYed or hired, materials that need to be bought or ordered, and accessories like drywall or new paint. Settling on the scale of work will largely depend on what your budget can and cannot accommodate. If a complete renovation isn’t possible, consider the benefits of a cosmetic renovation instead.

You can still get stunning-looking countertops or flooring but with a less expensive and labour-intensive alternative. Repainting walls or cabinet refacing and refinishing in Toronto are cost-effective alternatives that do just as much visual change as a complete renovation. It adds value to your Toronto kitchen renovation, but without skyrocketing the price. 

Who should you hire for the renovation? 

While DIY is tempting, having a professional with the training and experience for the work just can’t be overlooked. They’ll ensure all the work, materials, and choices you make in the renovation are worth every penny. Creating value-boosting results with dream home renovations is what professionals help ensure. Some companies even offer special bundles or price-saving packages that can help balance out costs and savings.

That said, who should you hire to help? When it comes to a Toronto renovation, a general contractor is a popular choice. A designer and architect may also have some input for a more significant project that will put the final touches on your renovation. Toronto may have higher general costs, but it also has competitive home prices, so hiring a professional will pay off.

Hire Platinum Pro Painters for a cost-effective kitchen renovation

Companies like Platinum Pro Painters are an excellent choice for a cosmetic kitchen renovation. Their professionals can help with any painting services and do so in a quick and quality ensured manner. They also offer cabinet refacing and refinishing in Toronto, which goes a long way to give a tired-looking kitchen a sleek, modern update.

Some of their painting bundles also include free colour consultations. Interior design and colours both play a major role in any renovation, but especially in the kitchen. The right colours can help boost moods and make it a welcoming space, while the wrong colours risk ruining those feelings. When working with Platinum Pro Painters, you can rest assured that the quality of your kitchen, from the materials to the paint colours, will be perfect.

If you have construction-based changes in mind, hire a general contractor to handle that part of the renovation. 

General Contractor 

As their name suggests, general contractors may be experts in more than just one field of work. Some specialize in contracting multiple trades, including drywall, plumbing, electrical, and others.

The main benefit of a general contractor is that they act as the central project manager for the renovation. They handle any hired help, permits, materials that need to be order, or supervision during the renovation. They are also your point of contact for any updates, concerns, or changes.

General contractors are also typically trained and certified, reducing the risk of a poor renovation that costs more than it’s worth. Your kitchen renovations Toronto will be a head-turning transformation when you hire a painting expert company like Platinum Pro Painters and a general contractor. 

Cost of a general contractor

General contractor prices vary. Their service fees include handling permits, hiring trade workers, supervising them, and working with the homeowner.

Average charge: Canadian general contractors estimate the average charge for their services is 10% to 20% of your total project cost.

With the question of how much does a kitchen renovation cost in Toronto, since prices are higher, the rate can go up to 25%. That also depends on the rate of the company you hire and how big the kitchen renovation is.

Reducing costs with cabinet refacing and refinishing in Toronto

Most kitchen renovations include cabinets in the transformation. That could mean a cabinet replacement, cabinet refacing, or cabinet refinishing. If your cabinets are in good condition, you can save significantly and reduce your impact on the environment with cabinet refinishing or cabinet refacing.

Cabinet Refacing

Refacing cabinets is simple, efficient, and, most importantly, budget-friendly. Refacing refers to keeping the original boxes and replacing all the doors, drawer fronts, and hardware. Even in a luxury renovation, refacing will still give you a luxury update while saving 30 to 50%.

It’s a great way to choose a new door style, colour, or eye-catching hardware. A matching veneer is then installed on all exposed panels and faces to finalize the new transformation. Another option, if you like the look and shape of the original cabinets, is to refinish instead. 

Cabinet Refinishing

Refinishing is when homeowners have the cabinets painted or stained to achieve a new look. Wood cabinets are stripped and sanded and then given one of two treatments. Either, you can keep the natural wood appeal and apply a wood stain. That will give the kitchen a more traditional look and focus on the natural accents and grains of the wood. Otherwise, repainting the cabinets opens up a wide range of colour styles, mood-setting, and décor. You can match the top and bottom cabinets or opt for a two-tone contrasting look. 

Platinum Pro Painters offers cabinet painting packages that cover every step of cabinet refacing or refinishing. They dismantle, sand, wash, and prime, then paint and reinstall the cabinets.

Their costs start from $3000-$3500 for 10 to 20 doors as a base range. For larger jobs, their prices are $7000-$8000 for 60-70 doors and drawers, and that includes free colour consultation.

Are you ready to start your Toronto kitchen renovations? Contact Platinum Pro Painters for a quote today! Call 1-647-905-5901

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