Paint colours that won’t go out of style

You want to paint the house’s interior, but know you’re going to try to sell in the next few years. Before you begin, make sure you choose paint colours that won’t go off-trend before you list your property. Milton painters can give you suggestions for timeless colours and colour schemes that have passed the test of time. Here are some of ours:

Stay safe with white and off-whites.

White is probably the safest colour you can choose. It provides a neutral background for your home’s furniture, décor and possessions and is the least offending to the greater number of people. These days, off-whites with a grey tone are more popular and aren’t bold enough to go out of style. House painters will also recommend you paint the ceilings crisp white. This will give the room an open feeling and a good finish. 

Grey is in, but it’s still a classic choice.

Grey can add depth to a room and is a popular choice. It’s perfectly neutral and gives the room a natural vibe.  Painting contractors would advise that you don’t to go too dark with your grey wall colour, especially in smaller rooms and rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light. Dark grey can make the space feel like a dark cave or make it feel too masculine. Read 9 Tips for Choosing Paint Colours

Explore the neutral colour range. 

If you are not into painting your walls white, explore the neutral colour range. Pick a colour you like and see if there is paler or pastel version of that colour. Consider natural shades like light blue, green, taupe and nude tones. They are subtle and match most furniture and accent pieces. Using light colours is always safer than choosing dark if you want to make your home appealing to buyers. In the meantime, you can enjoy the colour yourself. 

Choose natural colours.

Whether you’re outdoorsy or not, all humans have a natural connection to nature. It just makes us feel good. Using light colours that you would find in nature can be a safe way to choose paint colours that you like and will still appeal to buyers. Consider a pale sky blue, light sage green, sandy grey or subtle tan. Think of the colours you might see at the beach. Everyone loves the beach. 


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