Is Refacing Kitchen Cabinets Worth the Money?

Is a kitchen remodel in your near future? As you begin to look at options and decide upon your budget, you may quickly see that completely-new cabinets is not going to be a choice for you. New cabinets can take up nearly 50 percent of your total renovation budget, making this out of the question for many homeowners. But the perfect cabinets can mean the difference between a kitchen that looks right and one that doesn’t, so what can you do? Should you look at refacing them instead?

The term “Refacing” when used toward your cabinets means you leave the compartment actually used to store food and dishes intact, only replacing the door on the outside. This typically involves choosing a new front wood panel, door handles, and other accessories. This is a more cost-effective option certainly, but still not the best you can get. If your cabinets and drawer doors aren’t damaged and your handles don’t look outdated, you are still paying to replace something that is still functional and aesthetically pleasing.

A better option for many is kitchen cabinet painting. Painting your cabinets is much less expensive and still achieves the desired effect. For those in Alberta or Ontario, the company to call for kitchen cabinet painting is Platinum Pro Painters. Our experienced painters can revamp your kitchen in days instead of week or even months, saving you stress and money. Even using inexpensive building materials, refacing your cabinets will still be costly. Painting your cabinets is much cheaper and still achieves the desired effect.

Many homeowners are saving money by painting rather than completely refacing or replacing their existing kitchen cabinets. The most-recognized company for kitchen cabinet painting is Platinum Pro Painters! Contact Platinum Pro Painters for a free quote today by calling us at 1-(855) 847-2468.

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