Two Methods Toronto House Painters Can Use To Revitalize Property Ceilings

The ceiling of a home is an element that many property owners don’t consider during a renovation. It’s an area that is usually out of sight, out of mind. But when looking to revitalize their home, homeowners will find that redecorating ceiling areas can truly invigorate their home décor design. And so within this blog, we’ll highlight two methods that Toronto house painters can use to enhance property ceilings and rejuvenate the entire property.

1) Blend Ceiling Paint Colour with Lighting Fixtures

Leading Toronto painting companies can help invigorate their client’s house ceilings by blending colours. One of the advantages of choosing a professional for the work is that they’re adept at harnessing the latest design techniques. Professional organizations also usually have colour matching staff at their disposal. This means they’re often able to match picture frame colours and lighting fixture colours to the colour of the new ceiling to ensure a sense of seamless elegance within the property. This type of professional colour-matching work can also be used to ensure that ceilings match older paint on walls and in the surrounding areas of the property.

2) Remove Stucco Areas to Modernize Properties

Stucco or “popcorn ceiling” is a type of spray-on ceiling painting product that was popular in the 1970s and 1980s. However, in recent times, it has become associated with problems related to moisture and mold. From a design perspective, stucco ceilings make a property look dated and lacking in contemporary style. However, DIY stucco removal is not recommended due to the environmental dangers involved. And so property owners must turn to specialist Toronto house painters to remove the stucco from their ceilings and integrate newer material.

Homeowners can make their ceilings the centerpiece to a revitalized home design. It’s a process that may take some time, but by working with professionals, ceiling renovation can help ensure an aesthetically pleasing home that meets all modern style requirements.



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