Advantages of House Painting in the Spring

With spring just around the corner, now is the time to start planning your house painting project, according to Platinum Pro Painters, the top commercial and residential painter in the Greater Toronto Area.

The cold winds of winter mean you’ve likely had your windows closed for a large portion of the season, leaving your home dry and stuffy. By planning your house painting project in advance with Platinum Pro Painters, you’ll be able to open your windows and air out your home much sooner after the weather warms up.

This is going to be a busy time for house painters such as Platinum Pro Painters, so booking before the rush starts ensures that your house painting project will be completed quickly without you having to spend weeks, or even months, on a waiting list.

Spring is also a time for renewal, and what better way to refresh the look of your home than by painting it? If house painting is one of the many spring cleaning projects you’re planning to tackle yourself, why not leave it up to the professionals so you’re free to take on other projects?

Spring’s also a great time to tackle that exterior house painting job you may have been putting off. This winter was especially harsh for residents of the GTA, with cold temperatures, an ice storm in late 2013, and snowstorms on a seemingly weekly basis. The elements have doubtlessly taken a toll on the exterior of your home, so why not look into a professional house painting from Platinum Pro Painters?

Exterior house painting has many advantages, such as sealing off any places where air and moisture could be entering your home. Sealing these locations as part of an exterior house painting is a great way to keep your heating bill down and prevent moisture from damaging your insulation. And if you’re planning to have your house painted with exterior latex paint, it will form the most durable protective layer, provided you have your house painted when the weather is still mild.

Spring is also a popular time for homeowners to put their house on the market. If you’re currently planning to sell your home, why not have it painted? A professional house painting can add up to five percent to the value of your home, so you’ll see a definite return on your investment!

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