Transform the Look of Your Bathroom with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Bathrooms are quickly becoming the room many homeowners choose to have remodelled, according to Platinum Pro Painters, the Greater Toronto Area’s leading provider of commercial and residential painting services.

Even something as simple as giving your bathroom a fresh coat of paint can greatly improve its look. Whether you’re looking for that coat or to have your bathroom completely remodelled, call on us for all your residential painting needs.

Because bathrooms are subjected to moisture and high humidity on a daily basis, we use only the best mildew-resistant paint for our residential painting services. If you really want your paint to last and to keep mildew out, we also recommend running the fan when having a shower and letting it run for a few minutes after you are finished, then leaving the door open to keep air circulating. Opening your bathroom window during the summer to let air flow through is also recommended.

If you have a small bathroom, we at Platinum Pro Painters recommend painting it a light colour; this will open up the room considerably, transforming your small bathroom into a seemingly larger space. Prior to painting your bathroom, our residential painting experts will visit your home to determine the best finish for the project. Possible finishes include a semi-gloss paint that is easy to clean and will stand up to stains and a satin finish will cover any spots that have been scrubbed heavily or where any cracks have been patched.

Prior to our residential painter arriving, you should wash your walls to make sure they are ready to be painted. We also recommend marking the areas you do not wish to be painted and removing anything hanging on your walls.

If possible, have your toilet removed as well, as they’re often close to the wall, which can make painting that wall difficult. While this is recommended, it is not mandatory, and our residential painting experts can find a way to paint behind your toilet if need be.

Finally, once the paint job has been completed, we recommend waiting at least 24 hours before you run your shower, as the humidity may cause the paint to run.

Applying a fresh coat of paint every few years keeps your washroom looking fresh and new, as well as adds resale value to your home. So why spend thousands on having your bathroom remodelled when a simple coat of paint can completely transform its look? Call on Platinum Pro Painters today for your residential painting needs!



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