Your Guide to Painting the Perfect Accent Wall

Real estate agents everywhere are quick to tell you that one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your home is to add some fresh paint to the interior. 

Even if you’re not looking to sell, changing up the color scheme of your home according to color psychology can brighten your mood and leave you feeling refreshed!

If you’re not ready to commit to an all-over paint job but you want to change things up, consider painting an accent wall.

Read on to learn more about accent walls and how to make sure that you pick the perfect wall and the perfect color!

Step 1: Pick the Right Room (and the Right Accent Wall)

First thing’s first: you have to find the right room for your accent wall. 

When you choose wisely, an accent wall can alter the aesthetic of a room and make it feel bigger, lighter, and more enticing. Ideally, you want to choose a room that gets great natural light and has medium to high ceilings. Anything that is too small or dark and your accent wall will fade into the background.

Next, make sure that you choose the right wall. An accent wall is going to become one of the natural focal points of the room. The pop of color is sure to draw the eye right away.

Make sure that you choose a wall that isn’t too small or tucked away. It should be a wall that deserves some attention! Consider a wall that is large enough or central enough for wall art or that can become the backdrop to a beautiful couch or armchair. 

Step 2: Choose the Perfect Color

Let’s talk color psychology. Warm colors like red, orange, and dusty pink are energizing, making them great choices for communal spaces, kitchens, and bathrooms. Cool colors like blue and grey are calming, so if you want to create a truly zen feeling, cool colors are the way to go.

In addition to color psychology, consider your personal interior design style. Take an inventory of the furniture and decor that you already have.

Is there a specific color you seem to be drawn to? Or, if you have a more colorful and eclectic style, is there a color that could tie all of your pieces together? Unless you want to redo an entire room with new decor, pick a color that will blend well with what you already own.

Step 3: Hire Professional Painters

If you’re going for an upgraded look, you’re going to want to work with professional painters. You want that accent wall to look crisp, with no drips or overlaps marking up your primary wall color. Painting is no small task and it’s always worth the investment!

Where to Find Oakville Painters

If you want to give your home a refreshing new look, an accent wall is the way to go. First, you’re going to need to find the best painters Oakville has to offer!

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