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About Platinum Pro Painters

Platinum Pro Painters is proud to be one of the top rated house and commercial Painting/Renovating companies and contractors in Toronto Canada today. We have proven the right to hold that title due to the hard work and dedication of Todd Lacroix. Let us enlighten you with a little history of how it all began.

Late in the 1980′s there was a young boy with a dream of one day becoming his own boss and owning his own business. Working for someone else was not in the cards for him as he went through his younger years and into adolesence. Todd’s business plan of the future never wavered. It only became stronger as the years went by. Jobs came and went… there were mistakes and stumbles along the way but after time spent thinking about “what do I want to do, that would fulfill my dream” started to unfold, finally it all became clear. Hours at the computer doing research, reading articles to obtain as much knowledge as possible, taking notes and putting it all together finally paid off and so began the process of grabbing a hold of the dream and doing it alone.

Platinum Pro Painters was created and the little boy with the big dream has never looked back. Todd wanted to do something to make people happy and to this day, the positive feedback and raving reviews from repeat customers make it all worth the struggles to get there. To see the look of satisfaction when the results are presented means that we have accomplished our goal and yes…we feel good about that. This is a house painting company that has pride of ownership and the end result is proof of the hard work and dedication of the owner as well as the carefully selected staff and painting contractors.

Perseverance and dedication = a true success story!

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