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One of the main focal points of anyone’s home, especially in Toronto, is the staircase. Solid wood stairs have become increasingly popular among home buyers here in Toronto, whether you are purchasing through a new development or renovating an older home. They definitely set a precedence upon entering a beautiful foyer.

Freshly painted stairs and risers are a great way to add to the look of your home. You can give your home a classic look with dark stained stairs with bright white risers and matching dark stained banisters.

You can do something different using varied colours and designs. Stairs, risers, banisters and stringers can all come together to create a beautiful view between the levels of your home. The options are endless and the result gives your home personality.

Painting stairs and risers is a complicated job. It takes precision and care to paint stairs and risers. When done without experience the result can be very unattractive as accuracy is required for fine lines and edges.

Using a professional painting company will save you time and energy leaving you with picture perfect stairs and risers with crisp lines. Save yourself the hassle and call Platinum Pro Painters today.

An Affordable Way To Renovate Your Staircase

Over time, your Grand Staircase becomes worn and tired. Once this dulling appearance has taken effect, refinishing becomes the most cost effective way to bring them back to life. Platinum Pro Painters are the contractors to do the job perfectly and professionally EVERY TIME. Their outstanding reputation for perfection and customer service shows in the quality workmanship as the numerous reviews from over the top customers will attest to. Dedication is key and Platinum Pro Painters are the most dedicated Toronto professionals in the business!

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