Hi my name is Ashlee and I work for Platinum Pro. Todd is a great, honest, cheerful and down to earth person. Working for Todd is a great experience! I have learned so much in the last 9 months to be very proud of. Todd always lets us know that we did a great job on jobsite or in general. Todd is very generous and will give us bonuses for our hardwork! He keeps a good relationship with all his employees, making us feel comfortable, open to talking about anything and being honest with him. Todd is always available for us when we need him while on jobsite and off the clock. Everyone at Platinum Pro gets along great making it easier to work as a team, and a very unforgetable experience. Todd is a very determind, hardworking and passionate about his company. Todd wants what is best for his customers and by being the person he is and caring about his employees, we care about the company and customers just as much!

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