Be brave and use paint to create a unique look in your kitchen

Painting your kitchen cabinets can give your Toronto home a new lease on life. One of the greatest things about paint is that it is versatile and can add character as well as style to your home. If you are creative and adventurous, you don’t need to restrict yourself to being conventional and merely take your kitchen from black to white or green to grey, you can also add patterns and personal touches.

Use your kitchen cabinets to showcase your creativity

If you like your cabinets but you want to give them a touch of bling or pizzazz try thinking out of the box and paint an image on the center of the cabinet door panels or use tape to create a pattern in the paint. If you don’t want to design your own pattern or paint a free hand image, you can always use a stencil. You can either do all the cabinet doors or you can just select a few. When the paint has dried, remember to seal the doors with a clear, water-based polyurethane varnish.

Add a practical chalk board to your kitchen

Chalkboard paint is inexpensive, water-based and easy to clean and allows you to add a fun practical element to your kitchen. Paint a cabinet door or the end of a bank of cabinets with chalk paint and turn it into a fun message board for the whole family. And if you don’t want to paint the outside of the cabinet, paint the inside. A chalkboard on the inside of a cabinet door is a surprising touch that is quick and easy to achieve and can be used to make grocery lists or leave messages for your family.

Contrast creates drama

There is no rule that says all your kitchen cabinets have to be the same color. You can mix it up a bit by using contrasting colors and painting the top cabinets a light color and the lower cabinets something darker. Or if you don’t want to paint your cabinets with contrasting colors, you can paint your cabinets a light color and make a statement with the color of your island.

Visit your local Toronto cabinet painting experts for more advice on how to give your kitchen a cost effective makeover.



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