Chalkboard Painting

What is Chalkboard Paint you ask?  This modern technology is the newest and most functional addition to any room of your home that you desire.

Transform your child’s room or playroom with this inventive way for them to express themselves without experiencing their artistic talent on your walls!  You can turn any surface into a fully erasable chalkboard.  Once you decide the best placement for your board, just leave the rest up to Platinum Pro Painters.  Your kids will love it.  You may also want to think beyond just the walls.  This creative decorating idea can also be used on children’s play tables, toy boxes and so on.  The possibilities are endless.

How about that “To Do List?”  Kitchens are a great space to use your Chalkboard.  Recipes, memos, appointments etc are just a few things that you can remove from the lists and bits of paper stuck to your refrigerator door.  Clean-up is a breeze.  Just wipe with a damp cloth or towel and you’re ready to begin again.  Platinum Pro Painters can also add for you a shelf on the bottom to store your wipes and/or chalk.

Call Platinum Pro Painters today and be one of the first to add this creative decorating idea to your space.  Free quotes are available anytime.

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