Eco-Friendly Paint

Is your home making you ill? There are more instances now of allergies, skin irritations, headaches and even the more serious fatal illnesses than ever before.

The problem could be inside our homes without ever realizing it. Decorating is one of the pleasures we get out of owning a nice home but we have not considered the warnings and precautions necessary while taking on this venture. VOC is a term that most of us are not familiar with. It stands for “Volatile Organic Compounds.” These are present when you use them to paint your walls. Eco-friendly paint is superior in that it contains very minimal VOC or none at all. Did you know that this toxic material stays active for up to five years from time of application?

Because Eco-friendly paint is devoid of odour, you can enjoy your home without coughing, dealing with itchy eyes and just having the offensive smell lingering for days.

Platinum Pro Painters is proud to offer this environmentally friendly product to you to help you protect your family from this harsh chemical. Our experienced staff is standing by to offer to you your free quotation today. Give us a call so that we can move towards protecting your loved ones for years to come!

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