Concrete Floor Leveling for Affordable Floor Repairs

Of all the home renovations, repairing or replacing concrete is one of the most difficult and expensive. You may have attempted to patch your concrete floor yourself with less than pleasing results. Platinum Pro Painters provides our customers with affordable concrete floor leveling in Mississauga and the surrounding areas.

Concrete floor leveling is a simple procedure that corrects an uneven surface by altering the damaged foundation. Concrete floor leveling in Mississauga is rapidly becoming the floor repair method of choice for both home and business owners due to its low cost and effectiveness.

One of the biggest advantages of concrete leveling is that it will save you 80% of the cost of replacing your concrete floor. If repairing your concrete floor is a task that you’ve been putting off for years due to the cost, consider concrete floor leveling in Mississauga from Platinum Pro Painters as an alternative to costly replacement.

When you hire us for concrete floor leveling in Mississauga and Peel Region, we ask that you make sure the area our staff will be working in be swept and vacuumed and that any furniture or other objects are moved. From there, we will remove any old tile from your floor and further vacuum up any debris using our powerful shop-vacs.

From there, we will set up a dam to both make sure that the concrete stays level and that there’s no overflow. From there, the procedure is quite simple; we simply pour a quality concrete mix onto your floor and use a trowel to make sure that it is evenly spread around the room. When you call us for concrete floor leveling in Mississauga, you’re receiving expert service using the best materials.

Once we’ve completed concrete floor leveling in Mississauga, we recommend letting it dry for at least 24 hours—three days at the most—before you move your furniture back into the room or add new tiles or wood flooring.

Our team of professionals provide expert floor leveling that’s done right the first time. Once we’ve finished leveling your concrete floor, you will have the proper base for all manner of floor material, such as hardwood or tiling. And best of all, it will last for years and add value to your home. We guarantee that our concrete floor leveling in Mississauga will last.

Add years to your flooring and value to your home with concrete floor leveling in Mississauga from Platinum Pro Painters. Contact us for more information today!



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