Garage Door Painting

It’s that time of year! Long, cold days and the harsh elements of winter play havoc on our homes. In the days and weeks to come we will be doing the walk-around of our properties to take mental notes on what needs renovating and cleaning up to ensure that the curb appeal is still as attractive as it once was. Livening up your garage door would be one of the main items on the list.

Garage door painting is one of the specialties of Platinum Pro Painters.  Whether you are giving a facelift or changing the colour altogether, we are the contractors of choice to make this happen for you this season.  Cracking, chipping and peeling are likely to happen to your garage door over the winter and minor repairs may be just the thing required in the process as well.

It is amazing how a fresh coat of paint on your garage door will bring your home alive once again and be a welcoming transformation for the warm season.  Call Platinum Pro Painters today to book your free estimate.  Welcome the Spring Season with a fresh new garage door look.

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