How to Avoid Paint Peeling

Why Is My Paint Peeling Off?

Paint Peeling is a very frustrating but common issue when it comes to home paint. It happens when the paint loses adhesion to the surface, and could be either a single or multiple coats of paint. Possible reasons could be:

  • Roof or wall leaking.
  • Moisture seepage through surfaces.
  • Inferior quality paint was used.
  • Oil-based paint  was applied over a wet surface.
  • Earlier paint blistering.
  • Bad surface preparation before painting.

The 3-Steps Solution

  1. Go over the previous causes and determine which one is culprit of your peeling problems.
  2. Remove all signs of peeled paint by using a wire brush or scraper, depending on the amount of paint to be removed.
  3. Repaint the surface with a premium acrylic latex paint.

By following this procedure you’ll ensure the best paint adhesion and you shouldn’t experience more peeling problems. Keep in mind that it’s really important to appropriately choose the paint to be used. Water resistance and other factors will be determined by this. If not familiar with this, maybe you should call a professional painter to do the job for you. Most reputable painting companies will offer insurance against this problem.



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