Kitchen Cabinets Painting in Georgetown

When you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, the cabinets may be an afterthought in your mind. This is a mistake. Your kitchen cabinets are actually crucial to the overall look and feel of the room. In fact, if you opt to paint your cabinets, you may just be able to avoid an expensive remodeling all together. And with the right professionals helping you, choosing a new color for them can actually be quite fun!

For those in Georgetown, the company to call is Platinum Pro Painters. Our experienced painters are ready to get started beautifying your kitchen, saving you plenty of stress and tons of money that is associated with a total kitchen remodeling project. Even using basic materials, purchasing new kitchen cabinets will cost you thousands. If you include new countertops and light fixtures, you’re well into the ten-thousands. Painting your cabinets is much cheaper and still achieves the desired effect. Many times, homeowners have their cabinets painted and decide their kitchen looks so fresh they don’t need the continue with purchasing the rest.

At Platinum Pro Painters, we know the right kinds of paint that will create the best finish on your kitchen cabinets. We know the proper techniques needed for the look you want, for less than you may think. We even have a designer available to match any styles you have seen at a friend’s house or in an online gallery. Contact Platinum Pro Painters for a free quote today by calling us at 1-(855) 847-2468.

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