How Much Does A Kitchen Renovation Cost In Oakville?

Oakville kitchen renovations have a significant return on investment, especially when compared to other home renovations. So, not only will a kitchen renovation bring up the value of your home, but it will boost your lifestyle too. But, how much does a kitchen renovation cost in Oakville?

The cost of any kitchen renovation depends on a range of factors. These factors include the size and scope of the remodel, materials you choose, contractors involved, or if you’re replacing cabinets or opting for cabinet refacing and cabinet refinishing in Oakville. Also, are you expanding the kitchen with a home addition or looking to do a cosmetic update?

With so many components involved, it’s easy to feel stressed about extensive kitchen renovations. Oakville homeowners can rely on professionals like Platinum Pro Painters to take care of some of the work. We’ve created this cost guide to help with the preliminary planning stage, so you can put together a budget and get started.

Remember, for the most accurate cost estimate for your project, contact a contractor for a detailed quote. While these numbers give you an idea, a comprehensive estimate on your kitchen renovation will ensure no surprises as you embark on the process.

How to budget for a kitchen renovation

The first place to start with Oakville kitchen renovations is by creating a budget. How much do you want to spend? Getting quotes, researching product costs, and figuring out what you want and need will help you get a final number. Without a budget, it’s easy to overspend.

Are you renovating for yourself, or do you want to upgrade the kitchen to help sell your home? If you’re renovating to improve your home for your own enjoyment, the Appraisal Institute of Canada suggests creating a kitchen renovation budget that’s about 25% of your home’s value. If you’re renovating to sell, cut that to 10% or 15%. You want to attract buyers, but you also want to make sure to see a return on that investment.

If you’re not sure, talk to a general contractor or even a local real estate agent. They’ll be able to tell you about popular kitchen trends, Oakville real estate market trends, and other factors that will help you invest wisely in your remodel.

Then, make sure you add at least 10% to your budget for unplanned surprises. You never know if something goes wrong, materials will be unavailable, or if there are cost changes along the way. A contingency budget will allow you to be prepared financially and emotionally for these unfortunate costly surprises.

How much does a kitchen renovation cost in Oakville?

To determine the cost of Oakville kitchen renovations, you’ll have to break down the components of the project. These numbers came from the National Kitchen & Bath Association. They give us a good idea of the cost of kitchen renovations in North America. Keep in mind that materials and labour costs may vary from city to city, and ask your general contractor for a detailed quote for your renovation.

  • Cabinets and hardware:28% ($6,550)
  • *Installation:18% ($4,130)
  • Appliances and ventilation:15% ($3,390)
  • Countertops:11% ($2,450)

*Installation includes things like appliances, cabinets, countertops, sinks, flooring, or backsplash.

Other costs can include floors (7%), lighting (5%), painting and drywall (4%), and faucets and plumbing (3%).

What type of renovation are you doing?

You must determine what type of kitchen renovations Oakville you’re planning. Are you looking for a quick cosmetic upgrade that includes new flooring, hardware, and cabinet refacing and refinishing in Oakville? Or are you completely gutting and redoing the kitchen, including changing the layout?

A small kitchen renovation with a few minor upgrades can cost $5000. The average kitchen renovation can cost $22,000+. For a luxury kitchen renovation, you can pay $60,000 to well over $100,000 depending on the scope of the remodel and materials chosen.

How big is the kitchen?

Like most renovation costs, the bigger the room, the higher the price. Additional square footage means you need more flooring material and labour. It also means you have more linear feet for cabinets and installation, countertops, and other installations.

Canadian contractors provide the following estimates:

  • Small kitchen average cost (<75 square feet): $4,000 – $20,000
  • Medium kitchen average cost (150-175 square feet): $20,000 – $45,000
  • Large kitchen average cost (200+ square feet): $45,000 – $100,000+

What is the scope of the renovation?

Your budget will determine the scope of the renovation. For example, a renovation that requires full demolishing of the room, structural changes, and complete replacements will cost more than a cosmetic upgrade. On the other hand, affordable Oakville kitchen renovations include replacing the countertop, flooring, fixtures and hardware. Instead of an expensive cabinet replacement, you can refinish or reface existing cabinetry.

Small-scale kitchen renovations can modernize and refresh the room at a lower cost. Plus, even minor kitchen renovations have a good return on investment. Remodeling’s Cost vs. Value report for 2023 shows that minor kitchen renovations can recoup over 85.7% of their cost at resale.

Hiring professional contractors for your renovation

Your kitchen renovations in Oakville will benefit from hiring a reputable and experienced contractor. Working with a pro will ensure quality products and installations with fewer cost overruns. In addition, they’ll work with your budget and help you choose a design plan and materials that best suit your needs.

So, who should you hire? When it comes to Oakville kitchen renovations, a general contractor is a popular choice. They will act as a project manager and manage the project from the initial design stage, through construction to completion. While hiring a general contractor will add to the cost, you’ll save in stress, headache and get beautiful and value-adding results.

Platinum Pro Painters offer cost-effective kitchen renovations

Oakville homeowners can choose Platinum Pro Painters for a valuable cosmetic kitchen renovation. They provide professional interior painting services, including flawless cabinet refacing and refinishing in Oakville. A fresh coat of paint on the walls and cabinets can quickly and effectively modernize your kitchen and increase resale value.

Platinum Pro Painters offer service bundles that can include free colour consultations. Sometimes choosing wall and cabinet colours is the most challenging choice. Professional advice will ensure your chosen colours will create a welcoming space and match your specific tastes and design needs.

If you require construction for your more significant kitchen renovation, a general contractor can assist with that. Consider that the cost of a general contractor is typically around 10% to 20% of your total kitchen renovation cost. For upscale renovations, this cost is worth it.

Cabinet refacing and refinishing in Oakville reduce kitchen renovation costs

The most significant component and cost of a kitchen remodel are the cabinets. If you replace the cabinets, that will eat up a substantial part of your home renovation budget. Instead, choose cabinet refacing or cabinet refinishing to save some of that cost.

Both options cost a fraction of what it would cost to replace the cabinets entirely. If your cabinet boxes are in good shape and you like the layout of your kitchen, cabinet refacing or refinishing might be the best option for you.

What is cabinet refacing?

Cabinet refacing is when you keep your current cabinet boxes but replace all the doors and drawer fronts with new ones. For the side panels and cabinet frames, you can choose to install a matching veneer or have those parts refinished to match. A hardware upgrade is also included with cabinet refacing.

Cabinet refacing can save 30% to 50% of the cabinet replacing cost. It’s simple, efficient, and allows you to modernize your kitchen without tearing out the existing cabinetry.

What is cabinet refinishing?

If your cabinet doors are in good shape, you can save even more with cabinet refinishing. Refinishing is when you keep all components of your current cabinets but refinish or paint them for a whole new look.

Wood cabinets are stripped and sanded and then given one of two treatments. First, you can stain the cabinets to keep the natural wood appeal. This option will ensure the wood grains are visible and will work well for traditional kitchens. The second option is to paint the cabinets. You can choose from a wide range of colours, either matching the top and bottom cabinets or opting for the two-toned look.

The cost of cabinet refacing and refinishing with Platinum Pro Painters

Platinum Pro Painters offers both cabinet refacing and cabinet refinishing services. Oakville kitchen renovations will benefit from these cost-effective services.

The starting cost for these jobs runs between $3,000 to $3,500 for 10 to 20 doors. Expect to pay between $7,000 and $8,000 for 60 to 70 doors and drawers for larger jobs. That second price includes the free colour consultation.

If you’re ready to start your kitchen renovations in Oakville, contact Platinum Pro Painters for a quote. Call 1-647-905-5901 or submit a request for a free quote.


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