Pricing Details 50-60 Doors

Price Includes

  • Door and Drawer Dismantle
  • All Doors Numbered and Labelled for accurate installation
  • All Doors, Drawers and Kitchen Structure will Receive a Full Chemical Wash
  • All Doors, Drawers and Kitchen Structure will be Sanded Multiple Before and After Prime Application
  • Same Spray Equipment used on site as in our spray booth facility for consistent spray finish
  • All Doors and Drawers will be Upgraded to New Sound Deadening Pads Free of Charge
  • All Doors, Drawers and Kitchen Structure will Receive 2 Prime and 2 Lacquer Finish Coatings (At the Bare Minimum)
  • Onsite Spray Booth Installation
  • Onsite Filtration System Set Up to create Negative Air Pressure and Clean the Air
  • Door and Drawer Installation
  • Touch Up Lacquer Bottle for Homeowner use
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Kitchen Clean Up

We are the best company providing this service in Canada with a State of the Art Spray Facility with a $100000 Enclosed Heated Spray Booth with a $10000 German Spray Gun Equipment. 3000sqft Shop Facilty.

List of Upgrades:

  • New Glass Swap out
  • 2 Tone Finish
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Drill New Holes for New Hardware
  • Fill Previous Holes for Allow for new Hole Structure
  • Furniture Refinishing

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