Spring Paint Colour Trends for Your Home

It’s finally time to turn down those thermostats and shed that heavy winter coat: spring is here! And the warm breeze and sunlight means it’s also time to brighten up your house with a fresh new paint job. Platinum Pro Painters knows how important it is for your home to reflect your personality, but hot colour trends are out for this spring, and we thought you should at least hear about them before jumping into any paint project.

Repainting your home is more than deciding on colours. Think of themes and patterns that excite you and start there: what do you want your home to look like? Are there any other changes that you’re making to your home that would affect the colours you choose? You need to think these things through to make your décor work.

Now it’s painting time. Platinum Pro Painters loves jumping right into spring paint projects and enjoys helping clients transform their homes into something they appreciate on a daily basis. And with one of this year’s spring trends representing the “green” movement back to nature, we’re ready to apply gentle paints that encompass the spirit of the movement and reflect the colours of oceans and open fields.

For grander painting themes, another spring trend is opulence, a theme basically taken off high-fashion runways and applied to homes. Lavish, sophisticated tones add the impression of grandeur and wealth usually reserved for couture designer clothing labels, but with your home as the runway and the paint as your collection. The entire theme must flow almost story-like throughout your house and all colours must interact with each other in a cohesive manner.

What’s also becoming more popular, especially among homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area, is painting floors to add to the décor. This is a great way to accent an entire room or to set the stage for a room, depending on how much floor is actually visible. Platinum Pro Painters will be sure to use premium paint on your floors that will withstand constant foot traffic and last a long time.

Don’t feel inclined in any way to follow any of this year’s spring paint colour trends; we know that it’s your home and you need to follow whichever vision is in your own mind. We do suggest, however, that you hire a painting service. Painting companies like Platinum Pro Painters can execute your vision precisely as you imagine it. And with the warm weather finally here, now is a great time to get in touch with us. With over 60 years of industry experience, we are professionals who understand how to incorporate any small- or large-scale themes into a room. We also use eco-friendly products and can do both indoor and outdoor paint jobs.

A great paint job makes your home feel more like your own. Don’t let this spring go by without giving Platinum Pro Painters a call and letting us help you inject some character into your home.


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