How to Match Walls to Flooring in 5 Simple Steps

Striking the perfect visual balance in a room isn’t easy.

But if you know how to match walls to flooring with a few simple tricks, it will elevate the style of your living space completely. 

Not sure how to match walls to flooring? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Choose a Neutral Tone

Matching walls to flooring is simple when you choose neutral shades like gray, cream, and white.

If your wood floors have warm or cool undertones, they’ll work well with neutral walls. It also means you can use bold colors for your curtains or rugs to add personality to the room.

Neutral wall shades are also a fantastic way to enhance your artwork and home furnishings.  

2. Or Select Analogous Shade

Find neutral tones a tad bland?

Instead, analogous colors work well when matching walls and flooring. To be clear, analogous colors are those next to each other on the color wheel.

Our painting Oakville team knows how to enhance your surfaces by choosing a shade that has similar undertones. For instance, if you have wood flooring with gray undertones then a cool color on the walls would best complement it.  

3. Light and Dark Contrast

It’s important to work with light and dark contrast because if your walls and floors have different tones, the space will feel disjointed. 

If your room has dark flooring, choose a light gold shade to highlight your floor. Our painters in Oakville team has the right expertise so they know how to balance colors so your walls and floors look seamless.   

4. Consider Your Furniture

The last thing any homeowner wants is a garish living space. To avoid this, get inspired by your current artwork and furniture so you use their colors as the foundation of your room’s design.

For example, look at the tones of your furniture and choose similar undertones for your floor and walls to pull everything together.   

5. Compare Wall Colors and Floor Samples Together

To make your life easier, compare several floor and wall color samples to see if they work in your space.

Paint patches of a sample near the baseboard and lay flooring samples against the baseboard too. And don’t be afraid to experiment with colors as you may be pleasantly surprised.

You should also look at the samples over the course of a day so you know how they look in natural and artificial light. Our Oakville painters can help you find a combination that is eye-catching so you can enjoy an inviting living space.

That’s How to Match Walls to Flooring

There are many ways to match walls to flooring whether it’s using analogous colors or getting inspired by your current furniture. 

Our painters in Oakville have the know-how to complement colors and produce an unforgettable living space. We know how crucial it is to create a cohesive look and we work hard to bring your dream to life.

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